unternehmen pfeil Frank Schauerte CEO

Frank Schauerte BORM-INFORMATIK GmbH Frank Schauerte has been managing partner of BORM-INFORMATIK GmbH since 2001 and, in addition to the administrative and strategic management of the company, he is responsible for sales and consulting in Germany. Since joining the company in 1999 he has been putting all his energy and personal commitment into the further development of ERP solutions which are precisely tailored to the requirements of the wood industry. Previously the qualified joiner had completed his studies as a graduate engineer (University of Applied Sciences) in wood technology. He gets his new ideas and takes time away from work during long walks with the ‘office dog’ Emma and fishing. And he also puts the same amount of passion he has for his everyday work into being an avid supporter of his local football team Borussia Dortmund.
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