unternehmen pfeil Mathis Oppenländer sales coordinator, ERP project manager

Mathis Oppenlaender BORM-INFORMATIK GmbH Mathis Oppenländer has been involved in the success of BORM-INFORMATIK GmbH as silent partner since 2013. He first worked for the BORM GRUPPE but switched to BORM DE in 2007, where he has since been manager of sales at the Stuttgart subsidiary and also ERP project manager. He is the first point of contact for our customers in the south of Germany when switching to BormBusiness and the additional BORM system solutions. He gained the practical expertise and management experience he needs during his work as master joiner. With his additional qualification as business manager he also knows how to lead structured processes to success in all kinds of situations; even away from his everyday work – for example in his hobbies cooking and hiking.
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