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15 May 2017

dds report about clearly structured BormBusiness ERP central control station

In current issue of dds 2017-05 (page 103) you can inform for yourself how completes the BormBusiness ERP central control station your ERP-System to the operation range of production control:


03 May 2017

HOB report about graphic order collections!

In current issue of HOB 2017-04 (page 65) you can inform for yourself about the integrative interface BormBusiness - furnplan:


15 March 2017

For all those who are looking for success with a system:

we are hiring a ERP project manager. We at BORM are looking for colleagues who share our passion for wood and who wish to breathe new life into ther career. Application film ERP project manager


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Welcome to BORM-INFORMATIK GmbH, your partner for innovative business software for the wood industry. We at BORM work openly, transparently and at eye-level, developing custom ERP solutions which powerfully support your business processes, enabling you to achieve your goals.