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unternehmen pfeil How can our loading logistics be improved with a better packaging system in order to combine trips more effectively?

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The most effective production control or the best product is worthless if ultimately dispatching fails. In particular the classic manual dispatch process is often susceptible to errors in the smallest detail. Delivery dates are missed due to wrong dispatching or false address data. Products get damaged due to the wrong packaging or packing system and often lead to costly complaints. Or the delivery of components is incomplete because parts were forgotten when dispatching and then have to be delivered later at extra cost.

With BormBusiness you can reduce these potential causes of error and create the best conditions for smooth shipment of your products and deliveries right to their destination.

Because in the end customers will only trust your services in the future if your in-house logistics and dispatch run smoothly too. The module enables reliable dispatch processes and organisation of transport. It defines the degree of completion and therefore the positions to be loaded in a parts list to the highest possible level of detail. In addition the module can be used to provide central monitoring and comfortable processing of all shipping requests and consignments, orders, delivery notes, customs processing and logistics tasks straight from the system.

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Overview of functions

Tailored commissioning: BormBusiness manages the entire in-house logistics from incoming goods via various warehouses right up to shipping. All logistics data can be stored and used in the BormBusiness system via the desktop application, barcode scanner or touchscreen. Commissioning and loading lists can be easily created thanks to the individual definition of positions and provide an optimum overview of the actual quantities and consumption.

More efficient dispatch logistics: Efficient support of the central logistics by grouping transports to trips and an automatic and complete integration of shipping requests and consignments. Freight and customs documentation can be created directly from BormBusiness.

Load optimisation: Loading is supported by loading lists, barcode scanners, RFID and touchscreens and enables individual parts to be loaded according to delivery notes or using separate loading lists with packages.

Find everything with the parts certificate: When putting packages together the parts certificate will verify in precisely which load each individual part can be found. This means customers, your own fitters and the sales departments will always have a clear overview of where the dispatched freight is.

So many functions need a lot of space. A complete overview of the functions in the Dispatch & Logistics module is available for you to download.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: Dispatch Logistics