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unternehmen pfeil How can our production times be optimised so that the deadline can kept?

unternehmen pfeil Are all the required materials and equipment available in sufficient quantity and quality at the required time?

unternehmen pfeil And which capacities are available for the current project in resource planning for all production orders?

In today’s world, order confirmations and details are defined later than ever or they are added to and changed at short notice. This requires a high level of flexibility in preparing jobs and production planning. Because the delivery date remains the same but it must still be ensured that all further production processes and production areas are seamlessly interconnected and the production results fulfil all requirements on quantity, material and construction quality. With the production planning control tool in BormBusiness you are putting your trust in a modern solution which can meet the high demands on ever shorter production and procurement times.
The parts list contains all the required information, such as:
  • Supplier data for optimum purchasing
  • Work processes for production sequences, resources and detailed planning
  • Structured entry of materials for machine connections (CNC control, edge banding machines, panel saws etc.)

Flexible but automated resource plans, capacity times and work schedules mean that you can quickly and reliably react to changes in orders. For optimum production control that can enable you to keep your promises to your customers.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: JP_Production

Overview of functions

Highlights of the Job Preparation & Production module:
The module provides you with a wide range of individual functions which offer you detailed job preparation and smooth production planning control. From storing machine programming for each component right up to transferring parts list data to many different machines – the consistent connection of BormBusiness minimises production times and optimises production costs. 

Everything under control with detailed parts lists: Creation and processing of individual (modular) parts lists in which for every component detailed work instructions, graphic construction drawings for any component shapes and the production sequences can be saved. At the same time, the module can be used to evaluate various production papers, identify loading positions and create material group summaries.

Working plans for consistent results: Creation of working plans for parts list positions. Master processes can be defined for specific materials and the required working hours can be precisely calculated using the parts list data. In the same way, production costs for the preliminary calculation and working hours for resource planning (also with target times) can be directly calculated.

Standardised surface finish: For each component, the coating and the amount of lacquer including overspray can be saved together with the corresponding work instructions per surface.

Reliable monitoring of individual parts: Clear monitoring of parts for individual parts and multiple parts with graphic display of locations and transport routes as well as feedback on quantities via touchscreen, scanner and machines. Likewise, missing or faulty parts can be identified and post-production can be automatically ordered.

Specific resource planning: Specific planning of employees, vehicles, tools etc. according to times in order to create assembly and assignment plans based on the data calculated from resource planning.

Seamless machine connection: BormBusiness enables you to optimise your own panels with calculation of requirements and cutting plans as well as the connection to external optimisation processes and the further processing of machine feedback. Machines such as panel saws, edge banding machines, CNC centres etc. can be connected to the system and enable data to be processed in various data formats.

Production control of sub-assemblies: Simple definition of items as sub-assemblies and their rating using known criteria:

Connection to panel storage: Complete connection to a Bargstedt panel storage (or other supplier) including automatic data synchronisation using direct database connections.

Custom component manufacturing in series: Generation of collective orders according to freely selectable criteria, for example using production deadlines or material groups. The monitoring of parts can be carried out using direct booking with barcode scanners or touchscreen solutions, even for individual parts. In just the same way, the production data acquisition (PDA) enables the entry of quantities, errors and rejection reasons.

Bench room and assembly: Assembly support using touchscreen technology for recording time as well as booking material movements, completion reports and displaying component and assembly drawings. Comprehensive production papers can be provided directly from the ERP environment.

So many functions need a lot of space. A complete overview of the functions in the Job Preparation & Production module is available for you to download.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: JP_Production