Limitless productivity with the BormApp


unternehmen pfeil When did we last contact the customer and where did we put the parts list for the last order?

unternehmen pfeil How much time was spent implementing the project when preparing the job?

unternehmen pfeil And how can our production process be optimised?

Flexible, mobile and always available – the demands on employees are constantly growing and therefore also the demands on mobile and future-orientated solutions used to handle the flood of information in everyday working life.

With the mobile ERP solution BormApp, on iOS and Android, employees can access data in the BormBusiness system via smartphone or tablet at any time and can work on them while on the go. Especially for field workers in sales and service, mobile ERP solutions are an important competitive advantage which save valuable working hours and make the daily processing of data much easier.Direct access to addresses, contact and project data enables you to quickly react to customer requests, monitor

parallel running project processes and to make better use of spare time between appointments. In addition, in the long term the in-house employees are saved from having to find information requested by field workers and sending it to them: it is immediately available on their mobile end device.

All the data and stored documents from ERP processes are automatically synchronised with the in-house system so that the current status is available for editing at any time. Of course this comfortable mobile application access also takes the high level of requirements on data security into account.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: Mobile Data Entry

Overview of functions

Limitless contact management: Individually configurable access to all the address data and customer information, also in offline mode. In addition, all smartphone functions are supported, such as telephone, e-mail or location definition.

Optimum customer relationship with CRM functions: Using the mobile sales history, sales entries and documents for every address can be generated and stored in the ERP system when out of the office. In the same way, all documents managed in the ERP system (e-mails, photos, word files) can be viewed using the BormApp.

Mobile Project Management: Overview of all projects (project addresses, statuses, internal notes, etc.) and realtime access to offers, order confirmations, invoices, delivery notes. Project-related messages on tasks can be sent from the App to other BormBusiness users.

Comfortable time recording: For optimum time management the BormApp provides a practicable time recording module for group and individual records via lists or barcodes – both as direct recording and actual time recording at the click of a button.

Purchasing management based on requirements: This model doesn’t simply support the kanban system of consumption-controlled materials, it also enables the user to directly report item requirements using barcodes or manual entry. The booking of incoming goods is supported by the BormApp by displaying all open orders with direct booking options.

Stocktaking: Direct mobile recording of stock level per warehouse space or location with individual count lists as well as all important item information and direct use of data in the stocktaking pool.

So many functions need a lot of space. A complete overview of the functions in the Mobile Data Entry module is available for you to download.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: Mobile Data Entry