Efficient project organisation for top results


unternehmen pfeil Which project-related tasks are still open for project XY?

unternehmen pfeil Which sub-contractors are involved in project XY and when can they deliver?

unternehmen pfeil And where are we at with the current project costs?

The more complex a project is, the more project-related processes, tasks and information need to be documented and monitored. But no project is the same as another. Especially in the wood industry and craft trades where individual customer requirements mean that new process requirements can quickly arise and need to be taken into account in project management.

BormBusiness enables efficient project organisation right from the start. From the generation of offers to resource and project planning as well as production control, the system will clearly guide you through all steps of the project. All ongoing project data are grouped, structured and clearly displayed within the ERP solution and are immediately available at the click of a button.
Standardised processes can also be displayed and structured in the same way as individual project orders and external project work from subcontractors. All departments and employees can see the latest status of the project at any time and can add additional information.

The flexible range of functions in BormBusiness can be individually customised to your company’s projects and enable all project steps to be reliably planned and monitored right down to the smallest detail. The digital work processes replace the classic document folder, making BormBusiness your most reliable project manager.

borm information pdf icon 20x20PDF Module Overview: Project Management

Overview of functions 

Highlights of the Project Management module:

Easy to find with document management: Structured processing and allocation of all documents (Excel, Word, image files, drawings etc.) to addresses, projects, offers and orders. Document filing is carried out in separate file directories including a template directory.

Perfect impression thanks to image database and presentation: Central image management with individual categorisation and project allocation for all standard image formats incl. preview function and filter function for individual presentation purposes using BormApp or on your PC.

Precise offer and order processing:
Freely definable structure of offers for individual, multi-currency management of conditions with the use of text modules, individual customer conditions and sales catalogues including graphs and diagrams.

Sound preliminary calculations: Optimum capacity planning, project calculation and calculation of delivery times using freely definable calculation data. Parts lists, work processes and material compositions per position serve as a basis and can be used to send quote requests directly from the system. 

Controlling/GL Cockpit: Comprehensive list of all suppliers involved in a project including order details, delivery dates, goods receipts. Likewise, an accompanying project calculation with summary of materials and hours is available for a detailed evaluation of the project.

Fully automatic invoicing: Generation of collective invoices and many different types of invoices including administration of payments and bidirectional data exchange between existing accounting software.

General company administration: Central service directory for project initiation and for successful, on-time and, above all, automatic processing of tenders and construction projects. Calculations with detailed, configurable price surcharges and reductions are used to work out maximum contractual prices as targets for the company’s own tendering. The monitoring of construction progress is carried out according to positions and equally enables amendment reports to be generated for ongoing construction projects as well as the complete integration of subcontractor commissioning directly from the BORM purchasing process. Defect management, deadline warnings and the monitoring of rework activities can be followed from start to finish. At the same time, the detailed controlling analysis provides a comprehensive basis for evaluating the success of the project using position-based account plans and the integration of multi-level BORM time recording.

Precise planning in exhibition construction: Comprehensive tools for managing exhibitions, events and functions including the multi-level management of rental furniture. BormBusiness provides a detailed overview of reservations, confirmations, returns and histories on all rental objects.

So many functions need a lot of space. A complete overview of the functions in the Project Management module is available for you to download.

borm information pdf icon 20x20PDF Module Overview: Project Management