Materials management


unternehmen pfeil How much material is required to produce the current product and how can cutting be optimised?

unternehmen pfeil Which supplier in my supplier base provides which material at which time and at which conditions?

unternehmen pfeil And how can my material stock be optimised based on consumption in order to minimise storage costs?

Timing is everything. Not just when coordinating all production processes, but in particular in purchasing and material management. Because only when the required materials are available at the right time in the right amount is it possible to produce just-in-time and keep delivery dates. But the trend towards customising final products and the increasing range of materials mean purchasing departments are under more pressure. Storage room needs to be precisely coordinated, stock quantities need to be well organised according to requirements and new orders need to be grouped to save costs wherever possible.

The module Material Management within BormBusiness systems provides an efficient tool for managing the entire material scheduling – from fully automatically controlling

the purchasing processes to comfortably maintaining supplier data and the multi-level comparison of purchase prices. The material stock can be precisely coordinated with the production process across the entire company while taking all the relevant conditions into account. Orders can be automatically triggered when the stock falls below the minimum amount or coordinated according to orders based on parts lists and project data. At the same time BormBusiness provides complete control over warehouse stocks and incoming goods – of course via the BormApp when you’re on the go.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: Purchasing

Overview of functions

Central or decentralised material scheduling:

Centralised purchasing across the entire company and order-related scheduling depending on products while taking factors into account such as minimum stock, reorder point and optimum stock including all relevant purchasing conditions. Price lists, minimum order values and staggered rebates can be taken into account in the same way as specific conditions for quantities, volumes and time periods.

In-house cutting optimisation and panel management: Optimisation of panel material to calculate the correct request and purchasing quantities while taking rotatability based on coatings and the available panel sizes into account. The available panel sizes and their various purchasing conditions from the suppliers can be easily managed.

Optimum cost control using multi-level quote requests: Generation of quote requests by e-mail, printout or Excel file from all areas of the program including generation of price comparisons and direct scheduling.

Overview of the whole of incoming goods: Seamless monitoring of incoming goods both for partial and complete deliveries via the desktop version or BormApp. After the delivery note data is entered, the corresponding order positions are allocated as required either by order number, supplier or the commission.

Perfect tracking using batch management: The specific batch tracking using separate warehouse spaces enables the exact origin of the raw materials to be tracked in both incoming and outgoing goods.

A longer workbench: Generation of external production orders including ordering and generation of relevant material lists and also delivery notes for material which remains in the company in terms of valuation. Expenses are listed in details and enable a direct cost comparison between external and in-house production.

Just-in-time for shipping orders: Shipping orders according to immediate requirements based on information on the loading list.

Simple handling of material management: Management of all materials, articles, assemblies, sub-assemblies and sales products at a central location including variable (free and automatic) designation of item numbers and classification of item data according to a wide range of focal points.

So many functions need a lot of space. A complete overview of the functions in the Material Management module is available for you to download.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: Purchasing