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unternehmen pfeil Do my sales representatives always have the latest contact data for individual customers?

unternehmen pfeil How can the success of our marketing campaigns be improved by systematic address management and pooling?

unternehmen pfeil And which special conditions differ between customer X and customer Y?

Good departments survive on continuously maintaining their network of customers, suppliers and subcontractors. But only the right contact person and the best expertise will enable you to get the best out of your business relationships. With singular address management systems it can often occur that data is not automatically updated when contact persons are switched or address data changes. The information flow comes to a halt, meeting data and sales histories get lost in archives or aren’t completely transferred when there is a change in employees.

With BormBusiness you create an unbroken information chain covering all customer and supplier activities, providing optimum support for your sales work and leaving no question unanswered in customer communication. The system provides a clear classification of all addresses and many different contact persons, enabling them to be easily monitored, managed and controlled.

Entering customers and suppliers more than once is automatically avoided. Every detail in a customer relationship can be clearly and easily entered, edited and kept track of – from addresses and appointments to offers, conditions, order confirmations, project details and invoices. Tasks and journal entries always keep every employee who works with the customer informed of current statuses.

Customer maintenance in BormBusiness also provides a wide range of functions which significantly support the success of your CRM activities and campaigns using intelligent address pooling and automatic follow-up. Serial letters, invitations and mailings can be individually generated with little effort and will always reach the right recipient. 

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: Sales

Overview of functions

Address management:

A structure provides clear access to all address data on customers and suppliers including categorisation of contacts and entry of specific conditions.
At the same time supplier evaluations or customer turnovers can be directly accessed from the system. Communication can be carried out by e-mail or the telephone system directly from address management.

More effective campaign management: By creating address pools you will ensure that event campaigns, customer letters or sales campaigns will always reach the right recipients. Whether serial letters, e-mails or Crystal Reports evaluations – the tool provides consistent planning and follow-up of all campaign elements.

Complete daily scheduling with BusinessAssistent (BUA): The module provides intuitive administration of appointments, tasks and journal entries on individual addresses and projects including the synchronisation of data with Outlook or Tobit. Every employee is always informed about current campaigns, appointments and individual tasks thanks to the unbroken information chain. Likewise, appointments for follow-ups on offers can be automatically generated.

Perfect impression thanks to image database and presentation: Central image management with individual categorisation and project allocation for all standard image formats incl. preview function and filter function for individual presentation purposes using BormApp or on your PC.

Easy to find with document management: Structured processing and allocation of all documents (Excel, Word, image files, drawings etc.) to addresses, projects, offers and orders. Document filing is carried out in separate file directories including a template directory.

So many functions need a lot of space. A complete overview of the functions in the Sales module is available for you to download.

borm information pdf icon 20x20 PDF Module Overview: Sales